Clackamas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Team

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SAR Training Courses

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Team coordinates, manages and executes search and rescue missions with the aim of assisting or rescuing those who are lost, stranded or injured in Clackamas County. The SAR team responds to calls in national forests, the wilderness and in urban settings. Clackamas County Search and Rescue also provides assistance to neighboring cities and counties when needed.

During a sixteen year period Clackamas County Search & Rescue responded to approximately 9% of all calls in Oregon requesting SAR assistance.

Volunteer members are a critical, contributing component to the success of Clackamas County SAR missions. Search & Rescue would not be possible without this corps of citizen volunteers. They are required to pass the Oregon State Certification Standards and continue with additional search and rescue training with their organizations throughout the year to maintain SAR certifications and remain proficient in their skills. 

Volunteer Organizations Coordinate with Clackamas County Search and Rescue

Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNW)

Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR)

North Oregon Regional Search and Rescue (NORSAR)

Mountain Wave Emergency Communications SAR Organization – News Article

Sheriff’s Posse

Military Resources Assist Clackamas County Search & Rescue

Oregon Army National Guard

304th Rescue Squadron

Portland Air National Guard Base

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office also boasts a swiftwater rescue team; however, it is a county funded response unit. This rescue resource is called S.W.I.F.T. (Swift Water Incident / Flood Team).

Crux Rescue sincerely appreciates the dedication and service of the many volunteer members of the Clackamas County SAR Team. They give of themselves, give of their time and give of their money for the benefit of their fellow citizens who run into danger and life threatening circumstances while venturing into the backcountry. These volunteers donate their time to complete the required search and rescue training that is necessary for certification as well as the annual, continuing rescue training required to keep that certification. Our hats are off to this special group of community serving citizens. Crux Rescue would count it a privilege to provide search and rescue training courses for many volunteers on the Clackamas County Search & Rescue Team. We encourage you to help them serve their community by your generous donation. The websites of these volunteer organizations can lead you in how to make appreciated donations.

Crux Rescue is proud to serve Clackamas County’s rescue training needs. Matt Adams, of Crux Rescue, is a certified training course instructor who provides technical rescue training courses in Clackamas County Oregon to swiftwater rescue teams, fire department rescue response units, county fire and rescue teams and search and rescue, SAR organizations. Matt is an accredited Rescue 3 International training instructor. The certification rescue training he instructs utilizes Rescue3’s rescue course curriculums. Call for information about class schedules or for information about scheduling a private course offering.

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