Exploration Service – Explore Oregon

Explore Oregon’s Backcountry

We love the spirit of independence Oregonians share.  We live in a State of Wonder.  With curiosity, awe, and ingenuity we explore our State, the mysteries of nature, the monuments of man and the remains of attempts to tame the wild of this place.

We love to share what we have found with those that will hold it sacred.  We love to guide people to these hidden gems around the Northwest and the world.

You can book a trip with us for personal growth, family time or business needs. We have helped teach engineers to access cliffs for their job and individuals to overcome fear of risk.  

We seek to serve, guide and teach people about the beauty around us and how to access it safely.  We will give you the skills to do it and enough experience and practice to explore safely. 

For information on how to make a reservation and how to choose your own Oregon Adventure, contact our Oregon Adventure Center at 518.400.2789