Intro to Recreational Whitewater Boating


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This is a 1-Day, 8-Hour class.

This is a great class for people new to whitewater who are using a raft. It includes the basics of paddle boats and row frames, where students learn basic boating skills and the techniques of guiding a boat down the river with proper rowing skills for directional steering of the boat as you read the water for the best route to avoid troubles in varying sections and situations.

We will cover the safety measures of proper whitewater gear such as life jackets, personal flotation devices (PFD), protective helmets, wet suits, splash jackets, and river shoes.

Safe whitewater rafting techniques will be covered, from the T-grip paddle hold and staying in the boat with downstream alertness to knowing what to do if you do end up in the river.  Knowing swimming techniques and positions in the water will assist you in staying afloat until you are able to get to the side of the stream or back into the boat. Knowing rafting guide commands can help you understand what your guide may expect from you. That paddle in your hand makes you a part of a navigation team and your ability to respond to commands will give you the best shot at paddling in unison with the team.

Upcoming Dates

An Intro to Recreational Whitewater Boating class has not yet been scheduled for 2024.

Please check back here, or inquire with Crux Rescue via email at; or by phone, 518.400.2789, for potential future class dates.


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