Train The Trainer Rope Rescue Instructor Training Course (TTT) For Oregon Teams


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Unleash Your Inner Instructor: Save Money, Empower Your Team, and Invest in your in-house Rope Rescue Leaders.

Are you a fierce leader in a rapid extraction module, wildland medic team, or fire department and tired of skyrocketing training costs? Do you see hidden potential in your best and brightest to become the next generation of lifesavers? It’s time to unleash your inner instructor and transform your team with Train the Trainer Rope Rescue.



Slashing External Training Costs: With your own instructor you can cut the cost of outside certification by 60% and build in-house expertise that saves you money year after year.
Empowering Your Team: Develop future leaders within your ranks, boost morale, and foster a culture of safety and self-reliance.
Building A Legacy Of Heroes: Equip your organization to train the next generation of rope rescue experts, ready to face any challenge and save lives.


The Process:

1. Pro Qual Pass: Ensure your chosen trainees possess the technical skills and physical capabilities to become instructors.
2. Train The Trainer Course: Delve into the art and science of rope rescue instruction, learning pedagogy, risk management, assessment techniques, and course development.
3. Task Book Completion: We help guide your trainees through completing their Ops and Tech level instructor task books. Our flexible schedule and expert support ensure they progress at their own pace.


The Outcome:

Rope Operations Instructor: Certified to train your team in NFPA-compliant operations-level rope rescue, exclusively for your agency personnel.
Agency Rope Instructor: Upon completing the Tech task book, become a master trainer, empowered to train your team in both Ops and Tech level rope rescue.


Join us and…

Invest in your team’s future with a program that pays dividends for years to come.
Become a leader in rope rescue training within your field.
Make a difference in the lives of your team and the communities you serve.
Don’t just train heroes, create them. Enroll in Train the Trainer and become a Rope Rescue Instructor today!


Register Now and discover how to build your own in-house training powerhouse.

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Course Dates:


January 22-26, 2024 in Albany, Oregon


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