Rope Rescue Operation or RRO & Rope Rescue Technician COMBO


This is a Crux Rescue Flex Option Course: Students can take only the 3-Day, Rope Rescue Operations Course (first three days of instruction) or combine that with the 3-Day Rope Rescue Technician Course (all six days of instruction).
Flex Option 1: Rope Rescue Operations Course (3-Day Course/Nov 3-5, 2021)
Flex Option 2: COMBO – Rope Rescue Operations & Rope Rescue Technician Course (6-Day Course/Nov 3-8, 2021)

Course Description: ??

Course Dates:
Rope Rescue Operations Course – November 3-5, 2021
COMBO RRO & RRT Course – November 3-8, 2021

Course Location: Eugene, Oregon (Fall Creek, OR 97438)

Discounts: We offer a $50 discount if you purchase both classes at once and an additional $25 discount per class if you pay more than 7 days before the first day of class (See information on Student Registration Form, below).

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