Rope Rescue Ops (RRO)



This is a Rope Rescue Ops (RRO) training course.

This class is available as a Flex Option Course in the Rope Rescue Operation or Rope Op & Technician COMBO Course  where you can register for just the RRO course, the RRT course, or the RRO + RRT COMBO course.

This 3 day course provides students with the fundamentals of rope rescue in the low-angle environment. Students learn and practice rescue skills including knots, anchor systems, belay operations, ascending and descending lines, basic mechanical advantage systems, patient packaging and litter attending. Students learn how to safely navigate low-angle or over-the-bank rescue situations and assist rescuers in high-angle environments.

REMS Standard Of Rescue | This class meets or exceeds all the requirements for Rope Ops for Rapid Extrication Module (REM) requirements in Region 6 and California. This class allows REMS teams to practice with the equipment required in the FIRESCOPE standard equipment list. In the past 7 years we have trained 13 REMS teams on the REMS standard of rescue.

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October 6-8, 2023 in Banks, Oregon (3-Day Class)




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