Rope Rescue Technician (RRT)



This is the stand alone Rope Rescue Technician training course for those with a current Rope Ops certification. Please be sure to get approval from Crux Rescue before signing up for this class.

This class is available as a Flex Option Course in the Rope Rescue Operation or Rope Op & Technician COMBO Course  where you can register for just the RRO course, the RRT course, or the RRO + RRT COMBO course.

This course is designed to take students from basic over-the-bank rescues to progressively more vertical scenarios. Students learn and practice such skills as preplanning, size-up and scene management, ascending and descending, belaying, mechanical advantage systems, lowering and raising systems, patient packaging and litter attending, tethers, and highlines.

Completion of the RRT class helps a team operate at NFPA 1006 and NFPA 2500 (Formerly 1670) – Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications – Rope Rescue at Levels I and II.

In addition, Technician level training is mandatory for inclusion on many Federal Emergency Management Agency Teams at different Team levels.

REMS Standard Of Rescue | This class meets or exceeds all the requirements for Technician for Rapid Extrication Module requirements in Region 6 and California. This class allows REMS teams to practice with the equipment required in the FIRESCOPE standard equipment list. In the past 7 years we have trained 13 REMS teams on the REMS standard of rescue.