Team Galleries 2020 – 2021

Crux Rescue has compiled here a collection of 2020 & 2021 image galleries shared with us by local, contributing rescue organization teams of technical rope rescue and swiftwater rescue professionals. Shots were taken during training sessions or taken during actual, live, on-duty emergency response to incidents.


BTE Eval And Observation Jan 8

Hood River SRT Mar 6–9

RRO/RRT Eugene / Redmond April 1-11


BTE SRT1 Mill City May 29–Jul 17

Scappoose RRO/RRT Jun 17–24

Clark County SAR RRO Jun 19–20

Kittitas County SRT1 Recert Jun 28–30

RRO/RRT Combo 2020 Feb 8–Mar 15, 2020

Sunday in Portland Mar 15, 2020

SRT1 Beyond the Edge / UMFD Jun 9–12, 2020