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You may contact Crux Rescue via our web form, by phone or by email. Crux Rescue serves Oregon and southwest Washington, providing certified rescue training courses in technical rope rescue and technical swiftwater rescue.

If you have questions about our speaking or teaching schedule, please drop us a line. Please include your name, phone number and email address in your message.

Phone: 518.400.2789


Subjects you may want to contact us about:


On Site / On Set Stand by Rescue
Remote / Technical / Rope Access
Expedition and Scientific Logistics


Swift Water Technician 3 day
Swift Water Advanced 3 day
Rope Rescue Operations 30 hours
Rope Rescue Technician 30 hours
Rope Rescue Specialist 30 hours
Tower Safety Co-worker / Rescuer 6-24 hours
Combo / Zero to Hero intensive introduction / re-certs

Other Interests

Clackamas Community College Classes
Speaking at a group meeting
Almost Free 2 hour training and refreshers (pay gas $)
Explore Oregon Family Adventures
Personal Skill Development

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Beaverton, Oregon 97008
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