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Rescue Certification Training Courses Available

  • Tower Rescue For Tower Workers
  • Technical Rope Technician Level
  • Technical Rope Operations Level
  • Swiftwater First Responder Operations Level
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech Unit 1 Technician Level
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech Advanced
  • Wilderness Navigation Class
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Two Week Rope and Water Technician Intensive
  • Rope Operations and Technician Combo Intensive

Matt Adams, of Crux Rescue, is a certified training course instructor who provides technical rescue training courses in Salem Oregon to swiftwater rescue teams, fire rescue response units, fire departments, county fire and rescue teams and search and rescue, SAR organizations. Matt is an accredited Rescue 3 International training instructor. The certification rescue training he instructs utilizes Rescue3’s rescue course curriculums. Those who desire expertly presented, professional rescue certification training are encouraged to call for information about class schedules or for information about scheduling a private course offering.

Marion County Sheriff Search and Rescue of Salem, Oregon

Marion County Sheriff’s Office provides Search and Rescue throughout Marion County wherever missing or injured citizens need assistance whether it be urban, rural, national forests or wilderness areas. Marion County SAR team volunteers are highly trained in special search & rescue skills. They provide their own equipment and volunteer their personal time to assist the Sheriff in providing exceptional Search and Rescue services.

These highly trained, professional volunteers are put to the task learning sar rescue principles and executing search and rescue rescue techniques on the road to qualifying for SAR certification. They must pass a police background investigation, satisfactorily complete Marion County’s Oregon State Sheriff’s Association certified Search and Rescue Academy, possess a current, valid Oregon driver’s license (except for some Team 18 youth) and become First Aid and CPR certified.

Marion County Search & Rescue has five specialty team units which volunteers can choose to participate in. Most of the teams require an additional 30 hours of training annually. These specialty units are made up of the Jeep Patrol, Mounted Posse, Search and Rescue Communications (SARCOM), Special Vehicles Unit and the SAR Team 18.

Jeep Patrol (Marion County)

The Jeep Patrol team provides search and rescue services with the use of 4-wheel drive vehicles. The additional search and rescue training is in depth and includes a wide range of knowledge and skills; from map and compass to first aid, locating downed aircraft, treating hypothermia and heat stroke, crime scene procedures, spotting booby traps and drug sites, knots and ropes for evacuation, search procedures and patterns, person tracking techniques and wilderness survival.

Mounted Posse (Marion County)

The Mounted Posse provides search & rescue services with the use of horses. Those choosing to serve in the Mounted Posse must provide their own horse, trailer/truck, personal survival equipment, tack and be able to ride safely in rough mountainous terrain, among crowds, in parades and in a wide variety of other conditions.

Each horse/rider team is required to successfully pass a riding, handling course. Upon passing the riding, handling course; the horse and rider can become fully certified and voted in as a member of the Mounted Posse.

Posse members are placed on the call out list for searches and various other activities the team is needed for. Each team trains throughout the year, refining their skill and execution, learning about their horse, their vehicle, their strengths and weaknesses while also learning about their search partners so as to be always ready to encounter what a search requires of them.

Search and Rescue Communications – SARCOM (Marion County)

SARCOM provides radio communication for all search teams, providing support for base operations. Team members receive additional training in radio protocol and communications to become highly efficient in providing radio communication and logistical support to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office as well as other Sheriff’s Offices during Search & Rescue operations and to Emergency Management Agencies during disasters throughout Oregon.

The team’s goal is to develop and maintain the highest possible proficiency in Land Mobile Radio communications to first responders and Emergency Management agencies in Oregon. They also aim to provide survival skills education and training to children and adults so they can enjoy safe outings in forested and wilderness areas.

SARCOM has radio equipment that enables them to support operations of any size, in any terrain and allows them to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Their Com1 Unit contains four dispatch radios, two dispatcher positions, two mapping/logging stations with computers, a dual band ham radio, and a printer/fax/scanner. Their Com2 Unit is similar and with future development, may surpass Com1’s capabilities.Their hasty vehicles are set up to serve as temporary substitutes for their Com1 & Com2 Units, capable of managing search operations until a communications unit arrives on scene. They also have cross-band repeaters which pick up signals and broadcasts them across a larger area, allowing all field units to maintain radio contact despite mountains, trees, and other obstacles.

Special Vehicles Unit (Marion County)

The Special Vehicles Unit uses 4×4 utility ATVs (quads) and snowmobiles to support and assist all SAR teams on search and rescue missions and they are also called upon to assist with aircraft crashes, industrial accidents, multi-casualty incidents, natural disasters and terrorist related disasters. They have recovery and transport capabilities that can be executed over adverse terrain in all weather conditions, deploying in urban, suburban and wilderness environments. The SVUs are self sustaining for a minimum of 48 hours. Members respond to mission call-outs around the clock, day or night, under all weather conditions.

Members of the Special Vehicles Unit are required to complete an ATV safety course in accordance with the ATV Safety Institute and are expected to complete a satisfactory level of participation in scheduled, monthly training sessions with attendance at monthly meetings.  

SAR Team 18 (Marion County)

SAR Team 18 provides personnel for ground searches searching for missing persons, evidence of crimes, and other related missions. In depth search and rescue training is required of the members of this team. In addition to the entry level SAR training certification, they are required to participate in a 200-hour training program as well as complete 30 hours of continued training each year.

Members must provide their own basic survival equipment, hiking boots, sleeping bag and they are required to respond to a minimum 50% of the searches.

Fire Departments in Salem, Oregon

Station 1 – Four Corners | Station 2 – Middle Grove | Station 3 – Pratum | Station 4 – Macleay | Station 5 – Brooklake | Station 6 – Clearlake | Station 7 – Labish | Station 8 – Chemeketa

Salem is served by eight fire stations

Crux Rescue is appreciative of the steadfast service of the Marion County Fire District firefighters and the Marion County Search & Rescue (SAR) teams in Salem Oregon who serve the community. Salem should be proud to have search and fire rescue personnel who serve with distinction and bravery. We will proudly serve these fire and rescue professionals, providing rescue certification and recertification training courses.

Crux Rescue serves the city of Salem, Oregon in the areas of

Grant, Southeast, Southeast Mill Creek, South Gateway, Northgate, East Lancaster, SouthWest, West Salem and more.