College Search and Rescue Course – NFPA, Technical Rope Rescue Operations Level – SAR 201

Search and Rescue

SAR-201 Technical Rope Rescue: Operations Level

1 Credit

This course is offered at Clackamas Community College, but is not offered every term.

This course provides students with the fundamentals of rope rescue in the low angle environment. Students learn and practice skills pre-planning and size-up of rope rescue operations, knots, anchor systems, belay operations, ascending and descending lines, mechanical advantage systems, patient packaging & litter attending. Students learn how to safely navigate low-angle or over-the-bank rescue situations and assist rescuers in high-angle environments. Completion of this TRR:OL class satisfies the requirements in NFPA 1670 and 1006 for Technical Rope Technician level training and is recognized by Oregon DPSST.

Recommended: Previous completion of or current enrollment in SAR-102.

Location: 19600 Molalla Avenue  Oregon City, OR, 97045