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Crux Rescue

Image represents the rescue technician training instruction for Crux Rescue's technical rescue training course instructor who serves the Hillsboro Oregon area.

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Hillsboro, Oregon Areas Served (Not Exclusively)

Orenco Station, Tanasbourne, AmberGlen, Downtown, Oak Hills, Sommerset West, Elmonica South, Reedville, Meadow Oaks, Witch Hazel, West Union, Magnolia Estates, Arbor Roses

Rescue Certification Training Courses Available

  • Tower Rescue For Tower Workers
  • Technical Rope Technician Level
  • Technical Rope Operations Level
  • Swiftwater First Responder Operations Level
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech Unit 1 Technician Level
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech Advanced
  • Wilderness Navigation Class
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Two Week Rope and Water Technician Intensive
  • Rope Operations and Technician Combo Intensive

Matt Adams, of Crux Rescue, is a certified training course instructor who provides technical rescue training courses in Hillsboro Oregon to swiftwater rescue teams, fire rescue response units, fire departments, county fire and rescue teams and search and rescue, SAR organizations. Matt is an accredited Rescue 3 International training instructor. The certification rescue training he instructs utilizes Rescue3’s rescue course curriculums. Those who desire expertly presented, professional rescue certification training are encouraged to call for information about class schedules or for information about scheduling a private course offering.

Hillsboro Aviation Searach and Rescue of Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro Aviation, with corporate headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon is committed to safety. Hillsboro Aviation has offered complete helicopter and airplane services since 1980. With 13 turbine aircraft, they serve domestic and international markets in the government, commercial, and private sectors. Their commitment to safety extends to ensuring the safety of unfortunate trekkers in the backcountry through their Search and Rescue services.

Hillsboro Aviation’s search and rescue service mantra is “Always Mission Ready”. They say, “We know challenging terrain. And we know search and rescue. We’ve operated in every corner of the United States and are mission-ready at every stage“. The community of Hillsboro, Oregon is truly fortunate to have this local business who admirably provides to search and rescue (SAR) organizations the capabilities of human cargo, precision long lines, cold weather and deep snow search response, high altitude search, passenger transport, external cargo, night vision goggles (NVG), hoisting of loads, remote operations, SAR support and natural disaster response support.

Hillsboro Aviation boasts flight capabilities with airplane and helicopter aircraft in the following platforms; B407, H125, B206L, B206B, B205. They operate with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) as well.

Crux Rescue would like to feature the service and career of Hillboro Aviation Chief Pilot, Brian Reilly,a dedicated pilot whose career choice has him expertly supporting SAR (Search & Rescue) missions across the United States.

The following excerpt is from Hillsboro Aviation’s website.

Brian joined Hillsboro Aviation in 2007 as a helicopter student in the flight training division where he earned his CFII. He spent time as a tour pilot in Nevada before returning to Hillsboro Aviation as a pilot in the contract and charter division. In 2018, Brian was promoted to Chief Pilot.

Initially drawn to aviation by the dynamic work environment, Brian has extensive experience in aerial survey, aerial firefighting, LiDAR, search and rescue (SAR), construction, Christmas trees, filming, and tours.

Brian holds a culinary degree from the Baltimore International Culinary College and loves dirt bikes, motorcycles, skiing, running, and, most of all, his kids.

Our hats are off to you, Brian!

Thank you for your service; and thank you, Hillsboro Aviation, for sustaining a top notch service for these many decades.

Crux Rescue serves the city of Hillsboro, Oregon in the areas of

Orenco Station, Tanasbourne, AmberGlen, Downtown, Oak Hills, Sommerset West, Elmonica South, Reedville, Meadow Oaks, Witch Hazel, West Union, Magnolia Estates, Arbor Roses and more.