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Corvallis, Oregon Areas Served (Not Exclusively)

Arnold Park, Avery-Helm, Central Park, Chintimini, College Hill, Garfield Park, Harding, Jobs Addition, Porter Park, Skyline West, Timber Ridge, Tunison, Washington Park, West Hills and more.

Rescue Certification Training Courses Available

  • Tower Rescue For Tower Workers
  • Technical Rope Technician Level
  • Technical Rope Operations Level
  • Swiftwater First Responder Operations Level
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech Unit 1 Technician Level
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech Advanced
  • Wilderness Navigation Class
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Two Week Rope and Water Technician Intensive
  • Rope Operations and Technician Combo Intensive

Matt Adams, of Crux Rescue, is a certified training course instructor who provides technical rescue training courses in Corvallis Oregon to swiftwater rescue teams, fire rescue response units, fire departments, county fire and rescue teams and search and rescue, SAR organizations. Matt is an accredited Rescue 3 International training instructor. The certification rescue training he instructs utilizes Rescue3’s rescue course curriculums. Those who desire expertly presented, professional rescue certification training are encouraged to call for information about class schedules or for information about scheduling a private course offering.

Benton County Search and Rescue of Corvallis, Oregon

Benton County Search and Rescue (SAR) involves searching for missing and lost people as well as rescuing injured hikers, climbers, skiers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts. SAR volunteers also carrying out body recoveries, evidence searches and disaster response. During a sixteen year period Benton County Search & Rescue responded to approximately 2% of all calls in Oregon requesting SAR assistance.

Benton County SAR is a non-profit volunteer unit serving the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. With volunteers numbering more than 100, its members operate in one or more of the nine specialty units.

Corvallis Search and Rescue Training

The Benton County Search & Rescue volunteers dedicate themselves to rigorous rescue training for certification and continuing education. They become SAR certified members by completing and meeting all requirements in a 100 hour Oregon State Sheriff’s Association search and rescue certification course. Additionally, each year all members complete 30 or more hours of continuing SAR rescue training. Time spent on missions can be awarded toward the required 30 hours of continuing rescue training. All Search & Rescue certified members also maintain CPR and First Aid certifications.

Benton County SAR Associated Units

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

Benton County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse (BCSMP)

Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit (CMRU)

Mary’s Peak Search and Rescue (MPSAR)

Region Three K9 SAR (R3K9)

Sky SAR (Benton Co. Sheriff Air SAR AVG)

Crux Rescue Can Provide Swiftwater & Technical Rope Rescue Training

Fire Departments in Corvallis, Oregon

Station 2 – 35th Street | Station 3 – Circle Blvd | Station 4 – Tunison Ave | Station 5 – Fair Oaks Dr | Station 6 – Lewisburg Ave

Corvallis is served by five fire stations.

Crux Rescue is pleased to congratulate the Corvallis Fire firefighters and the Benton County Search & Rescue (SAR) Teams for their selfless dedication to the community in and around Corvallis Oregon. Corvallis Oregon takes pride in their proficiently trained SAR and fire rescue personnel who serve their community with fearlessness and bravery. We will proudly serve these fire and rescue professionals, providing the certified instructor for their technical rescue certification and recertification training courses.

Crux Rescue serves the city of Corvallis, Oregon in the areas of

Arnold Park, Avery-Helm, Central Park, Chintimini, College Hill, Garfield Park, Harding, Jobs Addition, Porter Park, Skyline West, Timber Ridge, Tunison, Washington Park, West Hills and more.