Rescue 3 International Training Instructor

Image represents Crux Rescue and Matthew Adams as a Rescue 3 International training instructor, accredited with Rescue3 to teach technical rescue certification courses from the Rescue 3 International curriculum.




Oregon & Washington Technical Rescue Training

If you are in Oregon or Washington and look to certify or recertify in technical rescue training, your future success is our incentive. Your success means safety, well being and recovery to those you rescue. Crux Rescue serves to teach and train you to be the best rescue professional you can be. As you look to accomplish your dreams and aspirations serving others in technical rescue, Crux Rescue will guide you in your search for the precise rescue training that will prepare you to attain your highest potential.

Crux Rescue, providing certified rescue training instruction from the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington hub to the states of Oregon and Washington.

Crux Rescue provides a Rescue 3 International certified rescue training instructor to bring technical rescue training to your local city in Oregon and Washington, offering rescue training courses tailored to the needs of your SAR team, your fire department’s rope rescue and swiftwater rescue teams and other technical rescue organizations and units.


Rescue 3 International Authorized Training Provider & Accredited Training Instructor For Oregon & Washington

Crux Rescue is a Rescue 3 International Authorized Training Provider who provides technical rescue training instruction to rescue personnel in Oregon and Washington. Crux Rescue’s instructor, Matt Adams, is a Rescue 3 International accredited, certified training course instructor who provides technical rescue training courses to county fire and rescue teams, city fire department rescue teams, fire rescue response units, search and rescue teams, SAR organizations and swiftwater rescue teams. Crux Rescue’s certification rescue training is taught from the Rescue 3 training course curriculums, a curriculum designed for the best rescue training instruction. Students interested in rescue certification training can call for information about class schedules or to inquire about scheduling a private course offering.

As a Rescue 3 International Authorized Training Provider (ATP), Crux Rescue passed a number of quality assurance checks before being granted the ability to teach the Rescue3 curriculum courses. In keeping with Rescue 3 International’s requirements, Crux Rescue continues to attend required Rescue 3 Int’l training and continually meets Rescue3’s series of prerequisites. Crux Rescue maintains the ATP status by annually meeting Rescue 3 International’s set of yearly criteria, including quality assurance reviews and instructor updates.


Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams is a Rescue 3 International training instructor, accredited with Rescue3 to teach technical rescue certification courses from the Rescue 3 International curriculum.

Matt grew up in the Great Northwest and enjoys a rich heritage as a sixth generation Oregonian. The grandson of one of the original members of the MRA’s precursor, MORESCO, Matt grew up learning rope and knot craft. MORESCO, originally known as the Mountain Rescue and Safety Council of Oregon, was the first statewide Oregon mountain rescue organization. MORESCO was one of the northwest organizations that took a lead role in the creation of the U.S. Mountain Rescue Association (MRA).

The MRA became the nationwide organization representing the national incorporation of volunteer mountain rescue efforts. It’s purpose was to establish a central agency through which the efforts and activities of member units could be coordinated to effectively promote mountain safety education and provide integrated mountain rescue services. This developed into the provision of rescue services in three main disciplines; Technical Rock Rescue, Ice & Snow Rescue and Search. Since those early days the MRA has become the face of mountain rescue to the entire world.

With a grandfather involved in the early days of rescue, generational influence ran it’s course and Matt joined his local Search And Rescue organization while in High School and has continued as an active SAR member for the last 20 years. Matt is the Lead Instructor for Crux Rescue LLC and serves as the training officer for the Camp Sherman Hasty Team, a local SAR team who serves the Camp Sherman, Oregon area. In the past, Matt worked as the lead Tech and Warehouse Manager for Rescue Response Gear. He continually studies the physics of complex rope systems and thoroughly enjoys helping others with their questions about unique rigging needs. Matt is an avid rafter and outdoorsman.

Awards, Conference Participation & Instructor Certification

Toni Foster Award for Search and Rescue in Jefferson County

SARCon 2009 Attendee

Guest lecturer at SARCon 2011

Awarded Technical Rope Rescue Instructor

Awarded Rescue3 International Rope and Swiftwater Instructor

Rescue 3 International Accredited Independent Instructor

Rescue3 International Instructors Conference Attendee

Adjunct College Instructor

Lead Instructor of Crux Rescue, Serving Oregon & Washington

Teaching, Instruction Experience

Matt has taught courses in Oregon and Washington to personnel for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Urban Heavy Rescue Fire Departments, Rural Fire Departments, Volunteer Fire Departments, White Water Rafting Companies, Volunteer Organizations, the Department of Agriculture, the United States Forest Service (USFS), County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, SAR Teams, High Adventure Youth Camps / High Ropes Courses and Rapid Extraction Module Support (REMS) Teams for ICS on Fires, Camera Operators and Grips in Film Production.

As a Clackamas Community College part-time Adjunct Instructor, Matt has taught the subjects of wilderness survival and search and rescue to students in Oregon City, Oregon.

College Rescue Courses Taught:

Wilderness First Aid

The Psychology of Survival

Introduction to Anchors and Rope Rescue Systems

Consulting Experience

In a consulting role, Matt has provided rescue system solutions consultation to Telecommunication Tower Companies, State Police, the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, McMurdo Antarctic Research Station and to an Asian zipline adventure company who boasts one of the top ten, longest ziplines.

Rescue 3 International Courses

Crux Rescue is a Rescue 3 International Authorized Training Provider for Oregon and Washington.

Matthew Adams, Crux Rescue’s instructor, is a Rescue 3 International independent instructor who is accredited with Rescue3 to instruct and train students in these Rescue3, curriculum based, courses:

Water Courses

Awareness Water and Rope

Basic Water First Responder

Operation Swift Water Rescue First responder

Swift Water Rescue Technician Unit 1

Swift Water Rescue Technician Advanced

Technician Combination Water and Rope

Professional Qualification Workshop: Water

Professional Qualification Workshop: Water and Rope

Management of Water and Flood Incidents

Searching Rivers and Flood Incidents

Rope Courses

Awareness Water and Rope

First Do Low Angle

Tactical Rappel

Technical Rope Rescue Operations Level

Technical Rope Rescue Technician Level

Rope Rescue Operations Level

Rope Rescue Technician Level

Rope Rescue Ops/Tech Combo

Tower Safety and Rescue Industrial

Tower Safety and Rescue Professional

Technician Combo Water and Rope

Rope Access Safety and Rescue

Professional Qualification Rope

Industrial Rope Rescue Technician

The Why – More Than The What & The How

In-Depth Understanding Prompts Expedient Rescue Solutions

Matthew teaches with a confidence derived from his experience with one prominent principle. The principle is simple, and yet, often times it can be overlooked in the typical classroom setting. The principle? The Why.

The Why – The Prominent, Guiding Principle: The thorough understanding of a skill provides the solid bedrock for one’s capability to assess and respond, in the heat of the moment, with quick thinking that naturally discerns the situation and applies the rescue solution most appropriate and expedient to the risks and vulnerabilities presented on scene.

Thoroughly knowing the “why” creates a framework from which the mind can quickly draw from fathomless bits of knowledge. Matt says, “Learning the skills of rope rescue is only one step in becoming a rescuer. In order to provide safety for yourself and the people you’re rescuing, the informed rescuer learns why skills and techniques are used. As people practice the what and how of rope rescue while learning the why, they can bring solutions and skills to any situation.”

Students have stated the benefit they derive from their understanding of the rescue skills and principles taught in courses under Matt’s teaching approach.

I appreciated the way he answered questions, challenging us to solve the whole problem.

I like the scenarios he had us respond to.”

My guys walked a little taller with the confidence of having a plan A, B, and C to work with.”

Matt’s Perspective On Teaching Rescue Professionals

Rescue professionals are the personification of self-motivation. Compassion drives rescue. Participation in just one rescue can be life changing. You go out there hoping you’ll be able to help a wounded brother, someone you don’t even know. Seeing a lost or injured climber being reunited with family and friends is a feeling unlike any other. It is what rescue is about. Being a part of that energizes one to want to be a part of it again. It is moving. It is motivating.

Matthew Adams, Rescue 3 International independent training instructor, sums it up this way:

I get to serve a population of people who risk their lives helping others. I want all my students to come away with a confidence in the bread and butter skills of rescue and the ability to apply each level of their skills to the problem at hand. Helping people prepare to think and perform in tough situations brings the quite confidence which marks our classes.”

Personal Training & Teaching Development of a Rescue Training Instructor

Matt has studied extensively and he continues to study, train and practice in the following areas for the development of his own knowledge and skills as he continually prepares and refines his capabilities to be the best rescue training instructor he can be with the goal to teach rescue training courses to thoroughly prepare each student for their career success in their chosen field of rescue service.

Rescue 3 International Instructor Training

Technical Rope Rescue: Technician Level

Swiftwater Rescue Technician

Swiftwater Rescue Advanced

Water and Rescue Professional Qualification

Provincial Agency Instructor

Independent Rope and Water Instructor

Tower Rescue

Safe Work At Height


Technical Rescue Training Instruction & Education

Crux Rescue provides rescue training courses, classes and workshops for technical rope rescue, tower rescue and swiftwater, whitewater, river rescue. Presentations include state of the art rescue equipment coupled with up-to-date training ideas that are executed well with time honored, established rescue techniques. You are sure to enjoy the learning and immersion in rescue principles in this offering of rescue training.

Emergency Rescue Response / Onsite Stand-by Rescue Rigging

Crux Rescue responds throughout Oregon and Washington with rescue response and onsite stand-by capabilities in emergency situations where rope rescue rigging is a part of the emergency response protocol. Their rigging expertise can assist you with rescue and rigging systems; whether your endeavor requires negotiating rivers, using helicopters for structure and habitat placement or employing pulley systems for load placement in remote locations.

Exploration Guide Service

Guided explorations are our passion. If you’re itching to get to that remote place you’ve heard about but can’t get there on your own, Crux Rescue will safely guide you to your destination and, without a worry, get you back.