Technical Rescue Certification Training For Gresham, Oregon Search and Rescue, Fire Rescue & Swiftwater Rescue

Gresham, Oregon’s trusted technical rope and swiftwater rescue certification training instructor, providing technician, operations level and NFPA certified courses, is

Crux Rescue

Image represents the rescue technician training instruction for Crux Rescue's technical rescue training course instructor who serves the Gresham Oregon area.

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Gresham, Oregon Areas Served (Not Exclusively)

Corridor District, Downtown District, Pleasant Valley District, Springwater District and Civic Neighborhood District

Rescue Certification Training Courses Available

  • Tower Rescue For Tower Workers
  • Technical Rope Technician Level
  • Technical Rope Operations Level
  • Swiftwater First Responder Operations Level
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech Unit 1 Technician Level
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech Advanced
  • Wilderness Navigation Class
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Two Week Rope and Water Technician Intensive
  • Rope Operations and Technician Combo Intensive

Matt Adams, of Crux Rescue, is a certified training course instructor who provides technical rescue training courses in Gresham Oregon to swiftwater rescue teams, fire rescue response units, fire departments, county fire and rescue teams and search and rescue, SAR organizations. Matt is an accredited Rescue 3 International training instructor. The certification rescue training he instructs utilizes Rescue3’s rescue course curriculums. Those who desire expertly presented, professional rescue certification training are encouraged to call for information about class schedules or for information about scheduling a private course offering.

Fire Departments in Gresham, Oregon

Station 71 – Eastman Parkway | Station 72 – Kane Drive | Station 73 – Pleasant View Drive | Station 74 – NE 192nd Ave | Station 75 – SE Cherry Park Road | Station 76 – SE Dodge Park Blvd | Station 31 – Rockwood

Gresham is served by seven fire stations, one of which is shared with Portland Fire and Rescue (Station 31).

Crux Rescue is thankful for the unswerving devotion of the firefighters and the search and rescue (SAR) personnel in Gresham Oregon who serve the community with the area SAR teams and Gresham Fire and Emergency Services. Gresham citizens should be proud to have search and fire rescue personnel who serve with dedication and bravery. We will proudly serve these fire and rescue professionals, providing rescue certification and recertification training courses.

Crux Rescue Can Provide Swiftwater & Technical Rope Rescue Training

Multnomah County Sheriffs Office Search and Rescue, MCSOSAR

Multnomah County SOSAR is a 100% volunteer organization. Over 1,000 Oregon State Certified Searchers have graduated from their ranks. They have participated in over 1,500 missions for wilderness missing persons, urban missing persons, and criminal evidence searches; serving over 240,000 man-hours involved in missions, and over 1.25 million in total.

They boast a Basic training program that is one of the most comprehensive in the North West with a nine month rescue training schedule that begins each September. Their search and rescue training teaches new members everything they need to know to earn the Oregon State Search & Rescue certification. Along with navigation and survival skills, some of the rescue techniques members learn are techniques such as patient packaging, litter carry, rough land evacuation, first aid, CPR, medical assessment, and helicopter extraction procedures.

As members advance beyond the Basic program they learn advanced search and rescue skills in the Intermediate Training program. This rescue training is designed to meet the State Certification Type 2 or Type 1 criteria and it can include Search Leadership & Decision Making, Helicopter Operations, Urban Search & Rescue, Advanced Medical, Advanced Night Navigation, United States National Grid and/or Basic Rope Skills.

North Oregon Regional Search and Rescue, NORSAR

NORSAR members are first and foremost ground team members which fall under the training and certification requirements that follow the search standards for certification from the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association (OSSA). Ground team members learn proficiency in map and compass land navigation, radio communications, base operations, shelter building, extensive survival techniques, patient assessment, stokes operations, helicopter safety, knots and rope work. Ground team members who receive the OSSA card for search certification are qualified to assist in active searches.

Crux Rescue provides rescue training to rescue personnel in Gresham, Oregon in the areas of

Corridor District, Downtown District, Pleasant Valley District, Springwater District, Civic Neighborhood District and more.