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First Responder – SAR – Fire Rescue / Swiftwater & Rope Rescue Training
Onsite Stand-by Rope Rescue Rigging Services
Exploration & Excursion Guide Services

Image represents Crux Rescue certified rescue technician training instructor and instruction courses for swiftwater and rope rescue professionals in Oregon and Washington.

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Image represents Crux Rescue rescue response services with rescue technician for swiftwater and rope rescue assistance in Oregon and Washington.

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Image represents Crux Rescue Clackamas Community College Courses, Rope Rescue Ops and Emergency Response Responder for students in Oregon or Washington.

We Deliver Higher Education

CLACKAMAS COMMUNITY COLLEGE COURSES (Course temporarily suspended due to Covid-19)

Why Crux Rescue

Certification training from the Rescue 3 International curriculum, designed to provide the best training courses for certification in swiftwater rescue and rope rescue.

  • Rescue3 International accredited, certified training instructor
  • Rescue3 International Authorized Training Provider
  • Interaction: Students learn hands-on skills

What You Get

Comprehensive instruction in the theory, knowledge and techniques of the rope rescue or swiftwater rescue course of your choice. Hands-on skills practice and application.

  • Certification: Industry recognized course level certification
  • Experience: Practice skills individually and in team scenarios
  • Confidence: Preparational learning instills conficence