Confined Space Rescue Technician – CSRT – Certification Training Class – Oregon


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The Confined Space Rescue Technician (CSRT) class introduces concepts and techniques to enable small teams to undertake technical confined space rescues. To enhance confined space rescue team efficiency and competency, both individual and team skills are extensively addressed.

This class covers the hazards of confined spaces, gas detection, extensive loads and forces, building anchors, using pulley systems, use of tripod for entry and evacuation, selfclimbing and rappelling, lowering and hoisting of rescuer and victim, use of stretchers and various stretcher configurations in confined spaces, moving and evacuations from manholes, victim care, and building horizontal span.

This confined space rescue technician class teaches situation analysis, incident management and various scenarios. This confined space rescue technician class also covers the legislation, international guidelines, and key learning surrounding the discussion of confined spaces.

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