Technical Rescue Training Consultation & Guidance (6 Hour) – Service



Hire Matt Adams, of Crux Rescue, for informative, technical rescue training consultation and guidance. Matt can assist you in navigating the implementation of your company or organization’s rescue training department. Consultation is available in 6-hour slates of time, per day.

Crux Rescue is a rescue resources, training and rigging solutions company operating out of the Portland, Oregon hub, serving the area of the Pacific Northwest in the states of Oregon and Washington. With mobile deployment capability, Crux Rescue is available to teach courses, lead explorations or stand-by onsite in emergency response across the Pacific Northwest.

Matt Adams, who provides rescue training for Crux Rescue, is a superb teacher trainer, certified to instruct Technical Rope Rescue. Matt is certified as a Rescue3 International Rope and Swiftwater Instructor as well, so he can meet your training needs for rescue response instruction whether it is low angle, high angle, NFPA 1006, NFPA 2500 (Formerly 1670), or water rescue.

Students learning rescue training in Matt’s courses thoroughly enjoy his generous, big-hearted personality and his thorough approach in applying a vast depth of practical knowledge in classroom discussions involving rescue theories, principles, fundamentals and techniques that center on industry specific safety standards. Students genuinely appreciate Matt’s engaging communication skills that are on display anytime his lips utter anything rescue related. He is a strong believer in the potential for success when teamwork, cooperation and organization are brought together by all rescue personnel dispatched to an incident in the joint effort of rescue operations.

Crux Rescue provides onsite, stand-by emergency response rescue services. Additionally, Crux Rescue provides onsite, stand-by rigging services. Their area of expertise lies in rope rigging systems that provide mechanical advantage to assist with the ease of placement and/or movement of heavy loads in remote locations. This service is perfect for media film shooting crews shooting action next to rivers, in tree canopies or on cliffs. Their rigging service increases ease of access and load placement when helicopters are used to place fish habitat and when a lightweight system is required to remove loads such as a downed plane on a remote lake.

Crux Rescue also instructs ITRS Classes, Oregon DPSST as well as wilderness navigation and survival. If you have a group interested in exploring the remote outdoors, Matt Adams blends knowledge and skill as an astute guide who can safely lead your expedition or teach you what you need to know to go it on your own.

Crux Rescue’s school instructor is a passionate, dedicated teaching professional who brings a high level of technical knowledge and real life rescue experience to each class. Recognized as an experienced rescue professional, the highly effective hands-on training and emphasis on learning by doing sets the Crux Rescue classes apart. With years of experience in professional service, Crux’s instructor has faced nearly every rescue situation imaginable. Having participated in advanced rescue training seminars and techniques and having worked with state training organizations, he is well versed in NFPA and ASTM as they apply to industry rescue standards.

Crux Rescue’s instructor history in emergency response unit participation in actively answering the call to mountain search & rescue has necessitated hasty response with mechanical advantage pulley systems in low angle and high angle rescue. He is a trusted and respected teacher representing the industry’s best practice techniques and equipment for emergency response professionals.

Whether you are a professional, career employee or a volunteer, Crux Rescue can be trusted to competently train you with vocational education to prepare you to confidently pass the qualification testing for technician certification. Swiftwater rescue technicians, fire rescue responders, search and rescue organizations; Crux Rescue is your ticket to superlative learning and mastery of both the knowledge and the techniques required to be the best you can be when lives are on the line.