Oregon DPSST Rope Technician Certification Task Book Workshop Assessment Class



Price: $150.00 – Per Student, Per Day ($150 for 1 Day, or $300 for 2 Days)


Rope Rescue Mastery with DPSST

Ready to conquer your DPSST Rope Technician Task Book and become certified in Oregon? The DPSST Rope Workshop is your solution for acing the “Requisite Performance” skills and securing those crucial Ops and Tech task book sign-offs. Forget juggling multiple instructors and scattered practice sessions – we bring the evaluation to you!

Here’s how we empower your rope rescue journey:

Fast-track your certification: No need to wait for separate classes or chase down instructors. Our workshop condenses the “Requisite Performance” evaluation into a powerful, efficient 1-2 days.
Expert-led evaluation: Get observed and assessed by experienced, DPSST-certified instructors who know exactly how to give the real world scenarios to demonstrate your skill.
Sharpen your skills: Refine your technique and build confidence under the guidance of our pros. We can even provide all the equipment and scenarios you need to demonstrate your mastery.
Bonus: Our workshop doesn’t stop at evaluation! If you need a refresher on “Requisite Knowledge” or “Requisite Skill” tasks, we offer separate Rope Operations and Rope Technician Classes. Consider it a one-stop shop for your entire DPSST Rope Technician journey!

Oregon DPSST – Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

Register for the DPSST Rope Workshop and take the final step towards certification with confidence and skill.

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Course Dates:


March 13-14, 2024 in Scappoose, Oregon


June 5-6, 2024 in Scappoose, Oregon


October 9-10, 2024 in Scappoose, Oregon


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