ProQual Rope Rescue – Standards Of Professional Qualification, Skill Level, Competency & Ability – Evaluation & Assessment


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ProQual – Rope Rescue Professional Qualifications – Testing, Evaluation & Assessment

Is completing a class enough?
Here at Crux Rescue, we know that taking a class is only the first step towards mastery of a
skill. Continued practice and skill maintenance are required to become professional and
competent rescuers, but how do you know when you’ve reached the competancy level of a
professional? How can rescue competancy be measured? The assessment of the level of
competance and mastery derived from continued practice, and from continued skill maintenance,
can be evaluated with ProQuals.

Why ProQuals?
Rescuers often become certified immediately after learning new material, but certification
does not reveal mastery. Rescue 3 ProQuals test the professional abilities of individuals,
which allows for a higher standard of operation and more reliability within your team
and/or organization. Those that utilize this test receive a comprehensive skill summary
identifying areas of competency as well as areas that need growth and improvement.

Professional Qualification Assessments (ProQuals):
ProQuals evaluate the skill level of individuals as master, proficient, or progressing in their
discipline. These third-party written and interactive tests take place without instructor
tutorials and are graded according to the ProQual standards below.

ProQual Standards:
Applicants must wait at least 3 weeks after original certification to participate in a ProQual
and are expected to operate according to the SOP’s/SOG’s of their organization and the
standards they follow (RQ3, NFPA, Rope Access, ISA, MRA, SAR…). If no organizational
standards are provided to the ProQual instructor, Rescue 3 standards will be used. Mastery
level (master, proficient, or progressing) is determined by adherence to operational
standards, professionalism, overall safety, and situational awareness. It is recommended
that individuals only take ProQuals after securing practice, experience, and confidence in
their discipline.

Individual or Group Scheduling
It is easy for individuals to sign up for one of our open enrollment ProQuals or to schedule
testing for a group, agency or organization. It is a great way to demonstrate the skills you
have in a discipline.

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